6-way Wideband Antenna Splitter / 2-way Combiner for BNC Wireless Systems
  • Input/output BNC socket
  • Status LEDs
  • Two antenna inputs and 6 outputs for each antenna path, one of them is optimised for connecting to further splitters
  • Integrated wide-range switching power supply
  • Dimensions identical to TG 1000 dual receiver

The WA-AS 6/2 is a 6-way wideband antenna splitter operating in the frequency range of 470 to 832 MHz. For the diversity operation the WA-AS 6/2 is provided with two identical antenna paths. For each antenna path there are two inputs (“Prim In” and “Sec In”) available. Five outputs (“Out 1” to “Out 5”) for the connection of receivers or cascades of receivers, as well as one output for looping the signal to other splitters (“Through”). If the “Through” output is not required for looping, a receiver or a cascade of receivers can be connected to this output, just as with the Out 1 to Out 5 outputs. Each antenna input provides a supply voltage for active antennas or antenna amplifiers. 200 mA is available per input at a voltage of 8 V DC.

LEDs on the front panel display the status of the supply of each input. The white “OK” LED means current output in the permitted range. The red “Ovl” LED means current output over the permitted limit of 200 mA, in this case the supply is automatically switched off. The WA-AS 6/2 has an internal wide-range switching power supply. The dimensions and the design are adapted to the TG 1000 dual receiver, to create an optimal interplay with the TG 1000 system.

Technical Data

Singing, Speech, Guitar, String instruments, Wind instruments, Measurement
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Spec Sheet

DAT_WA-AS6-2_EN_.pdf (1.27 MB)

Planning Aids

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Planning Aids

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Planning Aids

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EU Declaration of Conformity

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