TG Wireless Manager

Software to monitor and control wireless systems with a network interface
  • Calculation of intermodulation-free frequency set-ups also regarding products from other market players
  • beyerdynamic systems can also be configured offline, allowing multi-channel setups to be created easily in the run up to an event
  • Useful user groups can be configured for beyerdynamic wireless systems such as the digital wireless system TG 1000
  • The HF environment conditions can be monitored continuously during live applications with TG Wireless Manager thanks to an integrated scan function
  • The radius of action that can be covered reliably can be determined conveniently by means of a “walking test”

Frequency calculation

The Frequency Calculation section can be used to calculate frequency setups, especially for multi-channel applications. All beyerdynamic wireless microphones with their associated frequency parameters are stored in the software and can be used directly. There are three different security levels: If "Robust" is selected, the calculation of the individual frequencies will ensure that the setup works reliably even under difficult conditions. However, the maximum number of channels can not be used here. If more channels are needed and the environmental conditions are good, the setup can be calculated with "More Frequencies". The third mode "Standard" is a compromise between the largest possible number of channels and security. If radio systems of competitors are to be considered in the calculation, they must be created once. The corresponding frequency parameters are to be requested from the respective manufacturer. To start a calculation, it is first determined how many channels are needed by which system in which frequency range. Subsequently, disturbed areas, e.g. a busy TV channel or individual frequencies that need to be kept free are excluded from the calculation. If a frequency scan has been carried out before, the "occupied" areas can be imported from it. Once all parameters have been set, the calculation can be started. Once the calculation has been made, the frequencies for each channel can be viewed. The setup can be exported as a .csv file. For beyerdynamic systems, such as the TG 1000 digital wireless system, a user group can be created directly with the calculated result.

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TG Wireless Manager



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